MISSHA The Style Eye Makeup Speedy Remover Stick

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Quick! Easy! Auto-stick type remover to keep your eye make-up clean & perfect all day long.

* Keep your makeup clean & perfect all day long! Handy and easy to use auto-stick type remover is for restoring makeup and keeping your eye make-up clean without smudge anywhere and any time.

* Powerful enough to cleanse out waterprof make-up! Not only normal makeup but even strong waterproff make-up easily and quickly removed.

* Brighter and vitalized eye care! Lotus flower extract with skin soothing and moisturizing property and Bo Tree extract with nourishing benefits vitalize area.

* Refill and portable pocket for cotton buds!

DIRECTIONS: Turn the stick around to get out the content and apply around the eyes 2-3 times. Then wipe out the smudges with the cotton buds.