MISSHA The Style Art Designing Fdn 12 hrs- No 21-Natural Beige

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Foundation to make moist and bright skin last for all day long

* Moisturizing Make-Up

-Rich in Hyaluronic acid and Trehalose, noted natural moisturizing ingredients, it makes the skin moisturized and keeps it comfortable for up to 12 hours to express even and radiant skin tone for all day long.


-With soft and moist touch like essence and delicate pearls, it adjusts skin tone radiant and helps boost the benefit of following foundation


-Porous sebum control powder minimizes glossiness on the skin by sebum secretion and keeps the skin clean.


*HD Make-Up

Silicon elastomer with fine particles evens the skin and HD optical powder with soft focus effect which has similar refractive rate with skin, express soft  and silky skin.


*Healthy Make-Up

Containing freeze drying Nano Vita Powder (Patent No. 10-0628854), capsulated various vitamins and their derivatives, Vitamin Water extracted from Grapefruit, Citron and Acerola  and Rain forest  Extract, mineral from plants, it makes the skin moisturized and healthy .


Completed skin moisture test for 12 hours

*DIRECTIONS: At the beginning of make -up stage, apply and appropriate amount on the face and pat lightly.