MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Nutrotious Cream 47ml

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Hyper nutritious & moist balm cream for extremely dry skin to help reduce moisture loss and firm the skin while removing dead skin cells. - Functional cosmetic for Wrinkle Repairing – - Paraben-free/ mineral-oil free/ benzophenone-free . Baobab oil, called as the no 1 secret in Africa with full of moisture and Baobab extract from powerfull protection layer to keep moisture for a long time. . Antarcticinel (Glacier transferrin extract) helps to promote formation of elastin and collagen and firms the skin to be smooth and sleek. . Containing Glacial Water which soothes the skin and Snow Lotus Flower with anti-oxidant property, it helps to make stimulated skin from UV rays and harsh weather conditions comfortable and healthy. Direction: After applying emulsion, apply an appropriate amount over the face and pat lightly until fully absorbed.