MISSHA Black Ghassoul Foam Cleansing Bar

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·         MISSHA Black GHOSSOUL Foam CLeansing Bar

-          [Containing Ecocert certified Moroccan Ghassoul clay 1,600mg]

-          -3-in-1 smart cleanser as a foam cleansing after removing make-up, a second bubble pack  for excessive sebums and a simple soap for morning wash.

-          DIRECTIONS: After removing makeup, put it into bubble maker to create a rich lather. Massage it over the face avoiding eye and lip areas. Massage delicately on the oily T-zone and areas around nose and rinse off with lukewarm water.

-          TIP: For more pore cleansing benefit, create rich lather and put it onto face for 90 seconds, rinse off with lukewarm water. Please rest to be assured that dark-complected from bubble pack comes out from Ghassoul  and  Pure charcoal.