MISSHA Near Skin Extra Renew Cleansing Cream 170ml

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3 in 1 cleansing cream with skin firming and moisturizing benefits. Containing mild subacid ingredients, it deeply cleanses skin wastes while keeping essential moisture and oil on the skin, making your skin moist and sleek.

Containing olive oil and macadamia nut oil, it deeply cleanses makeup residues and wastes, while keeping the skin moist by preventing moisture from running dry after washing the face. The nutritious capsule, which contains vitamin E derivative, gives nourishment to the skin, making it firm and vitalized.

Purifying Effect

Containing plants complex of 5 herb ingredients like botanical oil and mugwat extract, it provides clean and fresh benefits to the skin.

Moisturizing effect

Keeping the original pH level of the skin by controlling the balance of oil and moisture, it provides a moisturizing benefit to the skin

Defending effect

Containing skin-friendly ingredients of Collagen and Elastin for firming skin, it provides a skin protecting benefit.

DIRECTIONS: Take an appropriate amount and apply over the face. Cleanse make up as if massaging till capsules are thoroughly melted, wipe off with tissue and wash off with cleansing foam.