MISSHA Near SKIN Neuro-Age Anti-Wrinkle Filler Ampoule 100 30ml

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Fill up sagging skin with elastin and glow!

 Highly concentrated firming and shining ampoule to make glowing skin like firming ampoule while filling up with elastin like collagen filler.

  (Dual functional cosmetic of Wrinkle Care & Whitening )

 Dermatologist tested for skin safety

  *Combined Fermented Collagen and Neuro-Peptide. It improves skin damages while providing sagging skin with elastin.

 * Containing 100% sap of birch tree, it helps to keep healthy skin while preventing dehydration.

 *It is applied tightly with enriched texture while leaving silky afterfeel without stickiness.

 MAIN INGREDIENT: Neuro-Peptide Complex 30% Fermented Collagen Solution 20%

 DIRECTIONS: After applying toner, pump 2-3 drops on both cheek and spread them over the face. Cover the face with both palms to be fully absorbed.

  Add 1-2 drops to firming essence or cream for more firming benefit.

 Add it to other essence or cream with moisturising or nourishing benefit for additionally firming benefit.

 Ampule gives vitality like vitamin filler and gives energy like nutrient ampule. Treats with multi vitamin complex to improve skin damages to make it look healthy.Uses Lime water instead of pure water to give back a glowing skin. Non-sticky fast absorbing texture.