MISSHA Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Visible Deep Cleanser 120ml

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Deep cleanser with massage effect to make your skin purify and clear by an one-step cleansing with micro oxygen bubble and its boosting effect. (Oxygen Micro Auto Bubble System - One-step Deep Cleansing + Boosting Effect + Mild Cleansing) * Enriched oxygen bubble of Oxygen Micro Auto Bubble System makes your skin purify and clear by an one-step deep cleansing that removes make-up and impurities in pores. * O2 Carrier Complex composed of purifying botanical extracts like Sansevieria energizes your tired skin and the boosting effect of massage helps to have moisturized skin after cleansing. * Easing ingredients of Swiss-Alpine herb extracts gently cleanse your sensitive skin from harmful environment. DIRECTIONS: 1. Apply an appropriate amount (2-3 pumps) and gently apply it to the dry face. 2. Foam will be arising within 30-40 seconds, then gently massage the lip and eye area to remove your make-up. 3. Gently massage the face using remaining foam in a circular motion, then rinse offwith lukewarm water. * Skin may be itchy from the natural process of the oxygen micro auto buble system, therefore do not rub until bubbles appear on your skin. * You must keep clean the pump and close the cap after use.